Mobile Power Plant

Mobile Power Solution is suitable for remote areas or locations that need a quick power solution. Our mobile solution uses medium speed engines, with exceptional fuel consumption while still being deployed on a fast track basis.


Package Power Plant

Package Power Plant

Packaged Power Station is the world’s leading medium speed containerized type power plant developed by Hyundai Heavy Industries with the benefits of fast delivery, easy transportation and simple installation. It is designed to operate on both Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil. Today we are also able to give to our customers a dual fuel engine option for our customers to operate on both gas and liquid fuel.

It is regarded as the best solution for urgent power demand for its short delivery time frame and up to 20% more fuel-efficient than regular containerized high-speed engines.

Power Barge

Power Barge

Korindo Energy’s Flexi Modular design concept of a 10MW Power Barge allows an operator to connect it to several 10MW barges to increase the total power or disconnect it to distribute each 10MW barge to different locations. The power capacity of each barge can be customized to the power requirements and it can be designed to operate on liquid fuel or LNG.

Project Reference

10MW Packaged Power Station, Nusa Penida Island, Bali

This project of 10MW mobile powerplant was contracted in 2013 and was our first successful entry into the Indonesia market. The plant was initially in Bali and relocated to Nusa Penida Island in 2018 and has been successfully operating for 7 years now.

The plant is able to run on multifuels including biodiesel and has one of the best fuel consumption rates versus other similar type powerplants in Indonesia. Till today, this powerplant is the only source of power for the whole Island and two neighbouring islands and it is a true testament of the reliability of our power solutions in remote areas.

After Sales Service

In cooperation with Hyundai Global Service, we ensure our customers are able to access to technical support on a 24/7 basis and easy access to spare parts when required. We handle all warranty claims, technical service and troubleshooting and genuine spare parts supply from Hyundai Global Service.

With a global network of service centres, we ensure minimum downtime to our customers by ensuring a service centre is never too far away. We offer customers remote base monitoring of engine performance and preventive maintenance program to keep their engines running in optimum conditions.

In addition, we offer a complete life cycle solution and long term service agreements (LTSA) for our customers who want to have a peace of mind and leave it to us to operate and maintain the plant. Today, our operation and maintenance programs are one of the most reliable and economical for plant owners around the world.


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