Engine Power Plant

HHI-EMD supplies the most reliable and economical Engine Power Plant with competitive price and accumulated experience.

Type of Engine Power Plant

  • DPP (Diesel Power Plant)
  • PPS (Packaged Power Station)
  • GPP (Gas Power Plant)
  • DFPP (Dual Fuel Power Plant)

Korindo Energy works exclusively with Hyundai Heavy Industries (engine and machinery division) to provide engine power solutions to our customers. Hyundai takes great pride in having been rated as the top engine manufacturer in the world since 1987. Today HHI is one of the few engine manufacturers that has a complete line up of Diesel, Gas and Dual Fuel engines. In September 2019, Hyundai has launched the world’s biggest Dual Fuel engine with a maximum unit capacity of 26MW with an efficiency of over 51%.

With competitive prices and accumulated experience, we continue to work in accordance with our clients’ requirements and produce top-quality engine power plant solutions for our esteemed clients within the contractual delivery time.



Dual Fuel Engine

Dual Fuel Engine

Hyundai has a complete lineup Dual Fuel Engines from 1MW to 26MW per unit capacity. Our world’s first biggest Dual Fuel engine model, H54DFV engine, has a maximum output of 26MW per unit and boasting an efficiency of over 51% with 2 stages turbocharging.

Types of Engines:
H35DF(V), H54DF(V)

Gas Engine

Gas Engine

Hyundai Heavy Industries developed medium speed Gas Engines that has a maximum unit capacity of up to 9.2MW per unit. With its high efficiency and low operating cost benefits, marking it one of the most economical choices for producing one of the lowest production cost of unit electricity.

Types of Engine:

Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine

Hyundai has been manufacturing both 2 stroke low-speed engines and 4 stroke medium speed engines since 1987. Today, Hyundai has a vast reference of diesel powerplants that have been operating for more than 20 years. This is a true testament of the reliability of their diesel engines.

Hyundai engines will be able to operate on multi fuels such as diesel, heavy fuel oil and biofuel while using the latest technology to meet emission requirements and to achieve the lowest fuel consumption.

Types of Diesel Engine:
H25/33, H25/33(V), H32/40, H32/40(V), H46/60(V)

Project Reference

93MW Dual Fuel Power Plant Termonorte, Columbia

Termonorte houses 10 units of V-typed dual-fuel HiMSEN (model no: 20H35DFV), the latest model of HHI’s own-designed engine, with a capacity of 9.3 megawatts each. Boasting a significant improvement in output compared with the previous model, this eco-friendly and highly efficient engine can run on both liquefied natural gas and liquid fuel, a feature that contributes to reducing emissions and fuel costs.


Total Output: 93MW Operating Mode: Base load
Gensets: 20H35DFV x 10sets Fuel: Natural Gas, Diesel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil
Scope: EPC  


The 25MW gas engine power plant in Beshel Industrial Park in the north of Iran is the most efficient plant in the country. It has the capacity of generating 25MW of electricity for increasing the stability of the grid in the North of Iran.


Total Output: 25MW Operating Mode: Base load
Gensets: 18H35/40GV x 3sets Fuel: Natural Gas
Scope: Genset + Equipment supply  

148MW Diesel Power Plant Brazil

60 units of 2.5MW class diesel generating set of HiMSEN 9H25/33 engines have been installed in the area of Camacari which is a large petrochemical refinery in the Brazilian province of Bahia.

After Sales Service

In cooperation with Hyundai Global Service, we ensure our customers are able to access to technical support on a 24/7 basis and easy access to spare parts when required. We handle all warranty claims, technical service and troubleshooting and genuine spare parts supply from Hyundai Global Service.

With a global network of service centres, we ensure minimum downtime to our customers by ensuring a service centre is never too far away. We offer customers remote base monitoring of engine performance and preventive maintenance program to keep their engines running in optimum conditions.

In addition, we offer a complete life cycle solution and long term service agreements (LTSA) for our customers who want to have a peace of mind and leave it to us to operate and maintain the plant. Today, our operation and maintenance programs are one of the most reliable and economical for plant owners around the world.

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