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Smart Floating BESS Platform Solution

Korindo Energy proudly announces the Smart Floating BESS Platform solutions.

The unmanned smart floating BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) platform is tailored to meet the demanding conditions of Southeast Asian waters, offering a range of features to ensure its durability, safety, and efficiency:

1. Long Service Lifespan: The BESS platform is engineered for longevity, with a service lifespan of up to 15 years, providing reliable energy storage solutions over an extended period.
2. High Temperature and Humidity Resistance: Designed to withstand the tropical climate of Southeast Asia, the platform operates within ambient temperatures ranging from 16-40┬░Celsius and can endure air humidity levels of up to 95%.
3. Corrosion and Sand Resistance: The platform is equipped with IP65-rated protection and features a specialized 20-year anti-corrosion coating, ensuring resilience against corrosive elements and abrasive sand particles prevalent in coastal environments.
4. Typhoon Resistance: Built to withstand extreme weather events, the platform can endure maximum wind velocities of up to 23 m/s and wave heights of 2.8 meters, along with a current velocity of 1.5 m/s, providing robust performance even during typhoons and severe storms.
5. Comprehensive Fire and Explosion Prevention: The platform incorporates advanced safety measures to prevent fire and explosions, ensuring the protection of personnel and assets throughout the vessel.
6. Utilization of Digital Twin Technology: Leveraging digital twin technology, the platform enables unmanned operation, remote control, full platform monitoring, remote data analysis, and intelligent power distribution. This sophisticated system enhances operational efficiency and safety while minimizing the need for human intervention.

Overall, the unmanned smart floating BESS platform offers a reliable and resilient solution for energy storage in the challenging marine environment of Southeast Asia, providing maximum protection for both personnel and assets while ensuring uninterrupted power supply.