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Technologies helps the energy transition

One of Korindo Energy’s primary priorities for 2023 remains to ensure we provide reliable power generation solutions through technologies using alternative fuels and renewable energy

“The energy transition is like going on a diet. You need consistent little steps to start losing weight one kilo at a time. And once we get to the desired weight, we have to think about how we have to change our lifestyle on producing and consuming energy as a whole to maintain this transition. The future is really ours to make,” Ishak said.

Aligning with Singapore’s decarbonization and green goals, Korindo Energy plans to increase renewable generation with a strategic focus on walking a sustainable path while including consumers and clients.

“Our strategy is basically to help our clients to start going into a ‘diet’ via implementing technologies that will reduce their carbon footprint. This can be via technologies that use alternative fuels or zero-carbon fuels. At the same time, we offer them decentralized power generation solutions that allow them to have reliable power in combination with renewable energy. Only with confidence in energy security, will more and more companies/utilities that will be brave enough to make the switch and stay on the sustainable path,” Ishak suggests.