Scania High Speed Engine

Korindo Energy is the authorized dealer of Scania Marine Engines. We offer a range of high-speed Scania Engines catered to your power requirements. There’s a Scania marine engine for every job. Whichever you choose, you take on board solutions that are developed for heavy duty operations, delivering impressive power, immediate response and the feeling of absolute trust and reliability.



Propulsion: 220-400 HP
5-Inline 9 Litres Engine
1.15 Tons (Dry Weight)
Auxiliary: 199 – 323kW



Propulsion: 400-875 HP
6-Inline 13 Litres Engine
1.28 Tons (Dry Weight)
Auxiliary: 269kW – 426kW



Propulsion: 300-1150 HP
V8 16 Litres Engine
1.6 Tons (Dry Weight)
Auxiliary: 430kW – 640kW

Project Reference

Preferred Choice for Pilot Boats

The trusted engine by Navies around the world, Combat Boat 90

Dominant engine for CTV, Wind Farm Support Vessels

after sales services

A Scania service centre is never too far away from you. With our large inventory of parts and trained service engineers, we assure that your engines always perform at its best whenever and wherever you go.Worldwide Service Network

  • More than 1,800 Service Workshops globally.
  • 2 service workshops in Singapore, 8 service workshops in Malaysia with experience and trained Scania certified engineers.

Parts supports

  • Easy access to parts from any service centre.
  • Asian parts centre located in Singapore is the main distribution hub to the whole of south east Asia.
  • More than 95% availability of parts in inventory at any one point of time.
after sales services


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