Scania High Speed Engine

Korindo Energy is the authorized dealer of Scania Marine Engines. We offer a range of high-speed Scania Engines catered to your power requirements. There’s a Scania marine engine for every job. Whichever you choose, you take onboard solutions that are developed for heavy-duty operations, delivering impressive power, immediate response and the feeling of absolute trust and reliability.



Scania’s marine solution offers almost unlimited possibilities to meet the toughest demands of reliability, performance, and operating economy. Propulsion or auxiliary? Fast patrol craft or ferries? Whatever you seek, Scania provides a solution that meets your need.

Scania’s marine engine platform is a complete range of 9-, 13- and 16-litre benchmark engines for both propulsion and auxiliary applications. From propelling fast patrol craft to commercial support vessels, there is a Scania marine solution for you.


The IMO Tier III engine range states a cut of NOx emissions by more than 70% and when running entirely on HVO fuel, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90%.


Scania’s solid record of outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability and high uptime are with significantly reduced emissions, delivering unparalleled operating economy for displacement vessels.


Compact design, unlimited adaptability and standard interfaces allow easy installation and seamless integration irrespective of the application. Power at work, from day one.




  • Propulsion: 220-400 HP
  • 5-Inline 9 Litres Engine
  • 1.15 Tons (Dry Weight)
  • Auxiliary: 199 – 323kW


  • Propulsion: 400-875 HP
  • 6-Inline 13 Litres Engine
  • 1.28 Tons (Dry Weight)
  • Auxiliary: 269kW – 426kW


  • Propulsion: 300-1150 HP
  • V8 16 Litres Engine
  • 1.6 Tons (Dry Weight)
  • Auxiliary: 430kW – 640kW



Project Reference

Preferred Choice For Pilot Boats

Scania’s outstanding track record of uptime and reliability is the key reason why Scania engines are being chosen for pilot boats from port authorities around the world. We are happy to be trusted to supply our engines to the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore for several of their pilot boats. Today, we are discussing with port authorities to offer them remote monitoring service for users to monitor engine performance from the comfort of their office.

The trusted engine by Navies around the world, Combat Boat 90

Combat boats operated by navies are designed for extreme conditions, exceptionally fast and agile boats that can execute extremely sharp turns at high speed, decelerate from top speed to a full stop in 2.5 boat lengths. At the heart of the performance, is the engine. Today, combat boat makers around the world prefers Scania for it’s power to weight ratio and ruggedness to withstand extreme conditions.

Dominant engine for CTV, Wind Farm Support Vessels

When powered by Scania, wind farm support vessels shows higher top speeds and bollard pull achieved as compared to their competitors. Today Scania engines are widely accepted by wind farm support vessels, crew transfer vessel. In a quad engine design, we offer operators wider flexibility of operation and manoeuvrability, as well as better fuel economy.


A Scania service centre is never too far away from you. With our large inventory of parts and trained service engineers, we assure that your engines always perform at its best whenever and wherever you go.

Worldwide Service Network

  • More than 1,800 Service Workshops globally.
  • 2 service workshops in Singapore, 8 service workshops in Malaysia with experience and trained Scania certified engineers.

Genuine Parts and Accessories

Scania’s parts logistics network is one of the most advanced and reliable in the world. The global system comprises a central hub, satellite warehouses on every continent. Delivering the right part, at the right time and in the right place is essential to maximise your uptime.

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