Man Low Speed Engine


Korindo Energy offers a complete engine power range of 2 stroke low-speed MAN B&W propulsion engine built under license.

Two-stroke engines are the reliable and preferred choice as a prime mover for ocean-going merchant vessels.


The world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines with unit power outputs ranging up to 87 MW, the most powerful of which rank among the largest such units ever built.

Our MAN B&W engines carry the following models:

    • ME Applications
    • ME-B Applications
    • ME-C Applications
    • ME-GI Applications
    • ME-DF Applications
    • ME-LGI Applications
    • ME-GA Applications
    • MC-C Applications

A Powerful Portfolio
Just what you were looking for Low-speed engines are the reliable and preferred choice as a prime mover for ocean-going merchant vessels. Our licensed built MAN state-of-the-art engine designs are optimised for IMO Tier II compliance, while electronically controlled ME versions offer such benefits as optimised fuel & lube-oil consumption, and improved low-load operation, build on the many decades of success enjoyed by their mechanically controlled predecessors. Introducing the upgraded MAN B&W ME-GI Mk. 2 and low-pressure MAN B&W ME-GA two-stroke LNG dual-fuel engines. The upgraded ME-GI Mk. 2 and new low-pressure ME-GA engines provide you with the most advanced, energy-efficient dual-fuel LNG solutions on the market, no matter whether you operate an LNG carrier or any other type of vessel. MAN opened a new chapter in the diesel story with the introduction of the ME-GI gas injection engine. The ME-GI represents a highly efficient, flexible, propulsion-plant solution that offers shipowners and operators the option of using either fuel oil or gas, depending on relative price and availability.

Similarly, MAN’s new ME-LGI liquid gas injection engine is designed to handle low-flash-point, low-sulphur fuels like LPG and methanol. Consequently, its green credentials are striking with emissions of sulphur being almost eliminated. MAN developed the ME-LGI engine in response to interest from the shipping world in operating on alternatives to heavy fuel oil.

Today, with next-generation technology, best-in-class efficiency, and sophisticated new control and safety systems, our multi-fuel engine portfolio is complete – and your needs are covered.


Project Reference

World’s first Dual Fuel LPG (LGIP) Engine for BW LPG!

MAN B&W ME-LGIP dual-fuel LPG marine engine de-risks your investments and gives you back control. By switching to LPG, you achieve full compliance with all upcoming SOX regulations and get a competitive edge of 13% less CO2 emissions with no loss of performance or efficiency. You also retain the flexibility to use conventional fuels to take advantage of optimal market prices. Beyond compliance and flexibility, LPG also offers lower total cost of ownership, giving you a competitive edge at a time of uncertainty. Our unique liquid gas injection technology can also be applied as a simple retrofit solution, helping you to maximize value from your existing fleet.

STX-MAN 5G45ME-C9.5-GI Tier II for ESL Shipping

The factory acceptance test (FAT) of the world’s first MAN B&W 5G45ME-C9.5-GI LNG dual-fuel main engine was carried out at MAN B&W licensee STX Heavy Industries’ (STX) factory in Changwon, South Korea in April.

after sales services

Together with STX, we offer a comprehensive, service network with a global reach and contactable 24/7 to maximize engine availability.
Our business covers spare part supply, field services, technical supports, upgrade services of conversion and safety standards. We are aiming to provide continuous, high-quality services to meet customers’ specific needs.

after sales services


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