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Seminar: Korindo Energy and SCANIA Biodiesel and Electrified Solution
Reflecting on an insightful seminar last Thursday, January 25th, where we delved into the future of a sustainable journey with a focus on Scania’s Biodiesel and Electrified Solutions.

It was an honor to have Torben Dabrowski, Abhijit Menon, Oscar Wyckman from Scania Sweden join us, sharing their expertise.

The seminar wouldn't have been complete without the valuable contributions from our other esteemed speakers. Dr. Ryal Wun, Mars Li, and Alvin Lee shared profound insights into the latest decarbonization journey in South East Asia. Last but not least all the attendees from government agencies, shipyard, and shipbuilding companies, many more.

Together, we can drive positive change in the realm of marine and beyond. #Sustainability #Scania #Biodiesel #ElectrifiedSolutions #Decarbonization