Total LNG Power Plant Solution

LNG or Liquefied Natural Gas is becoming more popular as the preferred fuel type for power generation in developed and developing countries. In developing countries, LNG infrastructure is constantly being called for faster and cheaper solutions to distribute LNG to support the growing power generation needs. Today, Korindo Energy is able to provide to our customers with an end to end solution of their LNG needs from LNG supply, Transportation, LNG Storage and Regasification facility and lastly to Power Generation.

Integrated ReGasification System

The Integrated Regasification system is a simple and cost effective solution for small to medium size gas fired power plant and is regarded as the most viable solution in remote areas.

Modular LNG Storage Tank

The Modular LNG Storage Tank was designed to reduce the problems of high investment cost and long construction period which is faced by Conventional type LNG storage tanks.

With that in mind, Modular LNG Storage Tank solution was developed with the following objectives:

Maximise modularization to minimize works on site
Simplify constructions works (Assembly) on site
Maximize test for commissioning at Fabrication site


Capital investment and high interest rates are the usual roadblocks for project development in developing countries. To address this, Korindo Energy is able to package financing solutions via export credits through export credit agencies or via project financing through international lenders.

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